September 2015: Joining our practice is Clay Greeson, MD. Dr. Greeson specializes in sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery and surgical and non-surgical injuries to the knee and shoulder. Dr. Greeson sees patients and performs surgery in KOC's Garden City office.



August 2014: Joining our practice is Matthew Hollenbeck, MD. Dr. Hollenbeck specializes in all aspects of pediatric othorpaedic surgery.



March 2014: KOC now has an office in Garden City, located at 101 E Fulton St.



June 2013: Joining our practice is Alan Moskowitz, M.D. Dr. Moskowitz specializes in common spinal disorders including degenerative disc disease, herniated disks, spinal stenosis and low back pain.



August 2012: KOC is pleased to announce Shawn Morrow, D.O. and Steven Ericksen, M.D. have joined our practice.  Dr. Morrow specializes in foot and ankle and general orthopaedics.  Dr. Ericksen specializes in spine surgery and general orthopaedics. 



July 2012:  KOC opened a new eastside clinic located at 2450 N. Woodlawn Blvd.



June 2012:  Joining our practice is Bernard Poole, M.D.  Dr. Poole treats general orthopaedic surgery.



May 2012:  Kansas Orthpaedic Center, P.A. signs a lease on a building on the east side of Wichita.  The address is 2450 N. Woodlawn Blvd.



November 2011:  Kansas Orthopaedic Center, P.A. Earns ACR Accreditation.



September 2011: KOC published an article in several magazines, click here to read.



August 2011:  Joining our practice are Robert Cusick, M.D. and David McQueen M.D.  Dr. Cusick specializes in adult hip, knee and joint replacement, hip and knee pathologies, injury and arthritis, and arthroscopic joint surgery.  Dr. McQueen specializes in adult hip, knee and joint replacement, hip and knee pathologies, and injury and arthritis.



August 2010:  Joining our practice is Mohamed N. Mahomed, M.D.  Dr. Mahomed specializes in adult hip and knee replacement and knee arthroscopy.  



September 2009:  Rodeo Europe Tour, Dr. Miller and his team of Athletic Trainers were invited to go on a rodeo tour that started September 18 and will end November 4.  They will go to Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Castellan, Puerto Santa Maria, Badajoz, Logrono and Barcelona, Spain.



November 2007 Construction started: we are adding on to our facility for the expansion of Therapy Services and MRI expected completion is March 2008.



October 2007 MRI Department: we have a new extremity MRI machine October 2007.



August/September 2006 Therapy Department: we have a new therapy department at our K96 & Ridge Road building.



August/September 2006: We will be moving to a new site/building at K96 & Ridge Road



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